Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Throne of Grace

'True happiness means forging a strong spirit that is undefeated, no matter how trying our circumstances.' ~ Daisaku Ikeda
Let’s face it, whether big or small, stressful or simple, we all face challenges every day, some easier to deal with than others. Unfortunately life doesn’t come equipped with an instruction manual to handle these challenges.
No matter how much we try to plan in advance, calculate our every move, or predict what the future will bring, we can never prepare enough for the unexpected.
The past several months have been filled with more twists and turns than the most popular roller coaster at Six Flags. As a control freak, I was suddenly forced to surrender to circumstance, forced to take a back seat and reflect on what my life was becoming.
We all face setbacks at some point along life’s journey, and learning to bounce back is what really gives our spirit strength.
Sometimes letting go is the absolute hardest thing to do. But when we hold on too tight we leave no room for the light to get through. It’s like catching a feather: you have to hold out your hand and allow the feather to fall into your reach.
You can’t catch a feather by frantically flailing and grasping for it. Once you loosen your grip on a perceived outcome, things start to unfold organically. Learning not to force things opens up the possibility for the brilliant and the extraordinary to happen.
Believe that there are people in your life who love and believe in you. Believe that you are love and that your soul has a limitless capacity to give and receive love.
How does the simple act of believing make you feel? Worthy. Infinite. Content. Express compassion and gentility toward yourself, and to others, and you will open up to the possibilities life has to offer.
Experiencing gratitude in simplicity changes everything.
And don’t forget to breathe.